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Pan Tours offers all services for special interest groups, whether you merely want to expand a classical tour, including extra visits or additional performances, or if you require something more specialised. We will develop a special itinerary to meet your interests, or make our own suggestions: all you have to do is ask. Special tour programmes, apart from the traditional excursions and museum visits, may include a variety of professional and special interests visits: factories and farms, educational, medical and social institutions, artists' studios and exhibitions, theatres and concerts.

The Russian culture abounds in world-renowned names: writers and artists, composers and architects, famous singers and dancers and outstanding historical figures. It is a country of immense opportunities for lovers of art and history, music and literature, ballet and opera. Art lovers and visitors interested in history will enjoy our cultural programmes a exciting special itineraries, tailor-made on request, learning more about a particular writer or composer, or a particular period of history or architectural style.

We also offer a full range of services for educational and professional tours, hunting and fishing tours, for groups of visitors or participants of sports events, regional or ethnic interest tours, or any other special interests tours on request:
  • tailor-made itineraries and services
  • hotel reservations
  • visa support
  • reservations for railway transfers and domestic flights
  • tourist coaches and qualified tour guides
  • professional and special interest visits
  • special cultural programmes and cultural visits
  • educational tours
  • regional and ethnic interest tours
  • services for visitors and participants of sports events
  • sightseeing tours and museum visits
  • restaurants, theatres, evening entertainment


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