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Peter & Paul's Cathedral

There are many serious and reliable tour operators on the travel market today, and you may well ask what makes Pan Tours your excellent choice of a partner in Russia.

Both our partners and customers have appreciated the company’s stability and expertise, as well as our openness to new ideas and suggestions, our personalized approach to every passenger and the high standard of our services. Flexibility and quality are our main assets, and we do our best to offer travel itineraries and services that would meet the needs of every tour group and every individual traveller.

Pan Tours, set up in 1991, has grown steadily to become one of Russia’s leading tour operators, and proved to be a reliable partner for numerous travel companies all over the world. With main offices in St Petersburg and Moscow, Pan Tours operates in many cities of the former USSR. The combination of an experienced and dynamic team and well-established and long-standing contacts with hotels, museums and transport companies enables Pan Tours to offer our many thousand of customers a variety of travel programmes and services to suit every requirement of the discerning modern traveller at very attractive rates. Our successful work is supported by the professionalism of our staff.

Pan Tours will be glad to offer you our varied products, including group and individual travel, set itineraries and tailor-made tours, incentive and special interest programmes, and also to develop or suggest any tour programme at your request. Our experience is at your advantage, and we hope you will accept our invitation for an enjoyable and memorable experience of the real Russia.



In the recent years Russia has become one of the most sought-after business and cultural travel destinations. A trip to Russia is to discover what has become of the former Soviet power and to see how the country is coping with change, and at the same time to travel back into the past and sample the delights of its amazing history and its magnificent culture.

Moscow and St Petersburg, the country's the political and artistic centres, are the essential starting points for an exploration of Russia. Founded in the 12th century, Moscow is famous for its famous for its ancient Kremlin and the breath-taking view of Red Square, for its world-famous museums of fine arts and numerous historical monuments and of course, the magnificent Bolshoi Theatre. In Moscow today, the onion-shaped domes of its innumerable churches are reflected in the gleaming facades of futuristic buildings, while the ancient quarters that had been neglected for years are now coming back to life through an extensive renovation programme. Moscow is the essence of the Russian character and of the Russian destiny, and probably the best place to visit for those who wish to savour the atmosphere of the country's past, present and future.

Graceful, elegant and romantic, St Petersburg is a city of magnificent palaces and impressive buildings, of granite embankments and numerous bridges spanning its rivers and canals, a city of the finest museums and world-famous theatres. Here, in the heart of the cultural and intellectual capital of Russia, and one of the most famously attractive and great cities of the world, visitors will experience many magical moments. However Russia's second biggest city does not cling to its past. A new business crossroads in Eastern Europe, a major industrial hub and convention centre, it bubbles with artistic creativity, and also with the dynamism of its business circles. St Petersburg is also the city of traditional warmth and hospitality, a city that opens its hearts to visitors.

Reaching beyond the country's two cultural capitals, discover the fascinating Golden Ring, a group of ancient Russian towns which form a circular pattern around Moscow, to get a glimpse of the country's rich and compelling history. Visit Vladimir, founded in 1108 by Prince Vladimir Monomach, a true treasure house of ancient Russian art; Suzdal, a unique town with over 280 monuments of the ancient Russian architecture; Kostroma, a medieval town of craftsmen, famous for 14th century Ipatiev Monastery; Yaroslavl, a town of old legends and illustrious historic events.

A lifetime of visits would still leave you with vast areas of Russia still to be explored.
The country covers eleven time zones, and when the people in Moscow get up in the morning, those in Vladivostok sit down for an evening tea. Russia remains the largest country in the world, stretching from he Baltic Sea to the Pacific; from barren deserts to the Arctic North, and from the sophistication of St Petersburg to the distant Buddhist temples of the Siberian Tundra. We will be glad to offer you tailor-made itineraries and services in any part of Russia of your choice.

With Pan Tours, a specialist in various types of travel to suit any taste, Russia is waiting for you!

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